The dog and the dragon

The dog and the dragon

This story comes from a book, where one of the protagonists tells it to another. One who direly needs to hear it.

And little did I know; so did I.

This is a story that disturbed me greatly. It almost made me cry. And I couldn't stop from thinking about it and telling others about it for days.

It stuck with me. And resonated. Deeply.

I remember sharing it with my therapist. Her reaction? A great deal of all the people who have walked through her door would greatly benefit from hearing it.

What's different about this story?

When many stories tell us clinging to our dreams, no matter how great, no matter how foolish, no matter what stands in our way, will make them come true, this one doesn't.

When some stories tell us fighting for our dreams and giving it our all, sweat, blood and tears; in a way, deserving it; will make our dreams come true, this one doesn't.

When quite a few stories tell us being the only ones to believe in our dreams and facing the scorn of others in doing so will make our dreams come true, this one doesn't.

When many other stories tell us only fools dare to dream and that we should learn to find happiness and contentment in what we already are and have, this one doesn't either.

This story tells us to dream big, no matter what others say.

It tells us to strive for greatness, no matter how impossible it is to reach.

It tells us to keep going on, no matter how hard.

And, more importantly, it tells us to appreciate and embrace what we have become along the way. To recognize what we have accomplished. To acknowledge how far we have come. No matter how short we fall of our crazy goals.

It tells us to love the journey more than the destination, and to learn to friggin' love ourselves for it, dammit!

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